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Workout Tricks to Give You More Defined Abs

Getting into shape and toning up muscles is a goal many of us have. Many times, shaping up the ab area is one of the most difficult. If this is your current fitness goal, you should know that there are several workout tricks that can help you achieve your objective. Here are two workouts to get you started.

The Plank

Doing plank is a great way to start engaging all of your core and abdominal muscles at once. Get on the floor and bring yourself into a push-up position with toes on the ground, holding yourself up on your elbows and forearms instead of your hands. Hold this position for 30 seconds. Your abs should be contracted, and your head should be in alignment with your spine. As you cultivate more and more strength with the plank, you can start to hold the position for extended periods of time. Once you’ve mastered endurance, you can focus on increasing the difficulty of the move by trying it with one arm.

Squat Thrust with Twist

This exercise move is a great way to work your abs and get in some thigh work at the same time.

Stand up and ensure your feet are shoulder-width apart. Next, extend your arms to the front at both sides. They should be at shoulder height. Start by squatting so that your knees are bent into a 90 degree position. Then, twist your upper body so that it faces the left. Once you’ve completed this act, come back up and repeat on the right side. Be sure your weight is pressed into the heels and keep your knees facing forward, while your shoulders and chest move from side to side.

Other Considerations

There are a wide range of strength and toning exercises you can do to get more defined abs. It’s important to note that spot training alone is not optimal. In addition to doing exercises such as those listed above, you need to engage in regular cardiovascular activity so you burn any fat that might sit on your abdominals. One of the best cardiovascular activities to start with is running.

In addition to engaging in cardiovascular activity, some people find it helpful to make dietary modifications in order to get their ideal abs. You may want to consider the HCG diet, which involves restricting calories and attaining injections of human chorionic gonadotropin from a Trusted HCG supplier. If you are considering dietary modifications or medication of any sort, be sure to consult with a trained medical professional.

If you’re interested in getting defined abs, know that doing so is entirely possible. To get off to a great start, begin by using the exercises outlined above and be sure you have a good diet plan in place. Finally, be patient with the process and know that great abs aren’t made overnight. Stick with your plan and you’ll eventually see the amazing results you’re looking for. Good luck!

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