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October 2015

compression wear

5 Benefits of Athletic Compression Wear

  Whether it has been during a leisurely drive, a trip to the gym, or while watching an athletic event, it is likely that you have noticed the new fad in workout wear used by all athletes, amateur and professional.…

bike riding

6 Workouts That are Easy on your Joints

Many people who suffer from joint issues avoid exercise. However, there are a number of effective workouts that you can do that are easy on your joints. Below is a list of low-impact workout options: Swimming Swimming is a great…

prescription drugs

Recovering Right: Prescription Drugs to Cut Back on Quickly

Many people believe prescription drugs are safe to use, and for the most part, they are. But if overused these drugs can have dangerous side effects for your health in the long run, and many popular medications can become addictive…

ACL injury

How to Ease Back into an Exercise Routine after an ACL Injury

Anyone that has torn their ACL knows just how overwhelming this particular injury can be. Unfortunately, these tears are extremely common and will require a comprehensive rehabilitation plan in order to get back to one’s exercise routine. Here are some…

biceps workout tips

Biceps Building Blocks: What Needs to Change in your Workouts

  Muscular biceps are visually impressive as well as highly functional. If you lift heavy for your job or need strong arms for sports, you can benefit from targeting these muscles during your exercise routine. Here is what you should…

biceps workout

Bicep-Busting Moves to Add to Your Free Weight Training

To get a great workout, you don’t need to belong to a gym. With a few free weights, it is possible to target your biceps, torch calories, and build muscle. These bicep-busting moves are a great place to start, and…


The Truth about Vitamins

There is a lot of misinformation in the nutritional supplement world. The popular trend for the health seeking individual is towards isolated or synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements, and this has a lot to do with price. Large corporations synthetically…

best cardio exercises

Best Cardio Exercises You can do without the Gym

Cardio related exercises are some of the most important you can do for your body and your heart. When you work your heart, you decrease your chances for heart disease and other illnesses. When many think of cardio exercises, they…