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5 Benefits of Athletic Compression Wear


Whether it has been during a leisurely drive, a trip to the gym, or while watching an athletic event, it is likely that you have noticed the new fad in workout wear used by all athletes, amateur and professional. The tight fitting wear you are seeing is athletic compression wear and this is one fad you won’t see disappearing anytime soon as its popularity among all athletes is on the rise. Some of us are still sporting our more traditional baggy workout wear. This may be due to personal preference or simply being unaware of the benefits that compression wear can afford our workout and performance. If you are among the many that just aren’t aware of the benefits offered by this new fad, than you will likely find this article of interest as its purpose is to reveal reasons why athletic compression wear is beneficial and why it is effective.

Originally used in the medical setting to assist with healing, many exercise enthusiasts looked to gain the reported benefits that athletic compression wear can contribute to their workout. The manufacturers of this workout wear boast of how blood flow can be optimized, leg fatigue and muscle soreness can be reduced, metabolic byproducts can be removed and muscle vibration can be dampened, thereby, increasing endurance and improving performance. Continued reading will explore five benefits that have been proven in studies when wearing athletic compression wear and the reasoning behind it.

Enhanced Workout

The science behind compression clothing is that it applies a balanced surface pressure over specific body parts triggering an acceleration of blood flow and increasing oxygen delivery to muscle groups being worked to enhance their performance. The circulation improvements also help the body reduce the build-up of lactic acid and other metabolic wastes. The combination of these effects allows users to work at a higher pace for longer periods.

Improve Circulation – Vein Health

Compression stockings act as a layer of muscle as they gently squeeze vein walls together which allows valves to restore blood flow to the heart and improve overall circulation. The difference in pressure between the ankles and knees allowing this to occur also counters the effects of gravity, preventing blood to pool which may cause blood clots. Athletes that are frequent fliers utilize compression stockings while on flights to prevent blood clots and aid in their recovery.

Numerous companies offer medical grade compression stockings that provide guaranteed compression. Styles offered vary from trendy to sporty and are available in various compressions from very light to firm. These stockings are utilized to prevent blood clots, provide pain relief from varicose veins, and reduce swelling from minor to major. The compressing stocking used mostly by athletes is 8-15mmHg, which is very light compression offering relief for minor swelling and tired, aching legs. To find out which compression stockings might be right for you, consult with a specialist from places like Ivein.

Temperature Regulation

A third benefit is the fabric’s ability to draw moisture away from your body which keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the hotter months. As sweat is dispersed from your body faster, this keeps you cooler as you exercise. This mechanism of compression wear is important in controlling the body’s thermoregulatory system allowing better athletic performance as increases in the body’s core temperature are associated with a decline in athletic ability.

Refine Proprioception

It is thought that the way in which athletic compression wear conforms to your body aids in refining proprioception, which means you will have an improved awareness of your body positioning. Better proprioception can improve your efficiency regarding movement and decrease the number of involved muscles that need to be activated making exercise less tiring for you. Having an improved efficiency in movement has also been shown to help reduce the risk of injury when exercising or training.

Improve Workout Recovery

There has been substantial evidence that wearing athletic compression wear can improve workout recovery. This is due to the fact that compression wear enhances overall circulation which helps speed muscle recovery time post-exercise. If worn after exercise, the extra compression has also been shown to decrease delayed onset muscle soreness. The increases in blood flow to muscles also helps in the removal of unwanted biochemicals that are released during exercise, such as lactic acid. This benefits users by decreasing fatigue and soreness after exercise.

You are already working hard during your workouts to reach your specific goals. Athletic compression wear can work with you, making your hard work more effective and possibly affording you the ability to reach your ultimate goals sooner. No matter what area you are targeting or protecting, compression wear is available for virtually any area of the body. There are numerous manufactures of this athletic wear and each use their own technology for developing this clothing. A simple search on the internet may provide you with numerous possibilities for your use.

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