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Best Cardio Exercises You can do without the Gym

Cardio related exercises are some of the most important you can do for your body and your heart. When you work your heart, you decrease your chances for heart disease and other illnesses.

When many think of cardio exercises, they envision going to a gym and running on a treadmill. However, there are many different types, and anyone can do them without a gym membership. Here are several different exercises you can do anytime if you want to boost your cardio health.


Lunges are a great way to get both a cardio and muscular workout and can be performed with or without weights. This exercise works the legs by activating different muscle segments during the exercise. One of the most important things about exercise is how it increases muscular ability throughout the body in many muscle groups. Another great thing about this exercise is you can complete it at your own pace. There are even people that attempt to lunge for up to a mile at a time.


According to the ICE, Institute of Cardiovascular Excellence, maintaining a good weight and exercise regime is key to preventing many kinds of heart problems. Running is a classic cardiovascular exercise because it is so effective at giving the heart a good workout. You can also use running in different ways to build cardio endurance. Sprinting is used to increase cardio ability and work all parts of the body all at once. Long distance running works different muscle groups and is great for stamina and endurance both for body and heart, however both exercises are great additions to an overall balanced workout.

Air Squats

Another great exercise that combines both muscular endurance and cardio is air squats. There are many variations to this exercise, but overall it’s a great way to get a good workout. There are some people that simply attempt maximum repetitions with their air squats in a set period of time. This can be a great way to squeeze in an effective workout during a couple minute window. You can also completely focus on form and the length of repetitions to increase endurance and muscle mass.


The popularity of dance as a cardio exercise can be seen with the boom in Zumba classes. It’s a way to work the heart and many muscle groups while still having a good time. Dance can also be a boon to mental health as it forces you to memorize patterns both mentally and physically and has been show to help decrease the chances of dementia in later years. You don’t need to go to a studio to dance either! Videos online can help get you started, and with the freedom you have at home, you can dance to your own favorite tunes.

Overall, cardio is an important part of a balanced exercise plan. Anyone who wants to add in cardio workouts without going to the gym has a wide variety of options. Although running is the more traditional cardio exercise, there are other types that can be done to incorporate muscular workouts as well. The exercises above will help anyone take their workouts to the next level without spending money on the gym.

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