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Recovering Right: Prescription Drugs to Cut Back on Quickly

Many people believe prescription drugs are safe to use, and for the most part, they are. But if overused these drugs can have dangerous side effects for your health in the long run, and many popular medications can become addictive quickly. More than 1.5 million Americans admit to overusing their drugs and prescription drug abuse is almost as common as illegal drug abuse. Sadly, many people are still admitted to hospitals for accidental overdoses and people taking medications are often not aware of the dangers of prescription drug addiction. Luckily with some knowledge, you can take steps to cut back before addiction becomes a problem.

The Dangers of Lortab and Other Opioids

Opioids affect the central nervous system and these medications are usually prescribed to treat symptoms of depression. It causes a euphoric feeling in most people, which can become addictive when patients rely on opioids to get through the day. Lortab, Percocet, Oxycodone, and Demerol are all commonly abused opioid medications. If you use one to treat depression, talk to your doctor about how the drug makes you feel, and if you’re worried you might become dependent on it.

The Intoxicating Effects of Valium

Valium is often overused due to the sedative nature of the drug. It provides a high similar to being intoxicated, and overuse of Valium can cause blackouts. People often take Valium in conjunction with other drugs to achieve a longer high.

Oxycodone Changes the Nervous System

This drug changes the way your central nervous system reacts to pain, and has a euphoric and sedative effect. These types of drugs can be extremely addicting and the cost often leads people to obtain it through illegal means, since one Oxycodone pill can cost more than a hundred dollars. If you’ve been prescribed it, be sure you have been given instructions on how to safely take it and get off of it.

The Dangers of Demerol

Demerol is similar to Oxycodone since the drug provides immediate pain relief, but overuse can cause a resistance to it. People who overuse Demerol need higher doses to feel the pain relieving effects. Talk to your physician about how long you should take this drug, and when you should start to wean yourself off.

The Popularity of Codeine

Codeine is often found in prescriptions and over the counter cough syrup medications. The drug is an opioid, and is commonly added to soda at parties. Overusing Codeine cough syrup drugs can cause an altered state of consciousness, and is popular to abuse because it is so easy to buy.

The Overuse of Adderall

This is an amphetamine commonly prescribed for attention deficit disorder (ADD). Many students take the drug to improve concentration inside and outside the classroom since the drug is known for giving a boost of energy. Many people take the drug to get through long work shifts and all night study sessions, but overuse can result in permanent brain damage and heart failure.

For some, quitting drugs can be as simple as stopping. But if you’ve been in pain for a long time and have continuously been taking a drugs, it is easy to build up a tolerance and it becomes harder to quit. If you fear a loved one might be becoming too dependent or addicted to their prescription drugs it might be helpful to hold an intervention and urge them to stop. What is an intervention? It’s more than simply asking someone to stop a bad habit. Addiction is a disease, and according to a professional interventionist, it’s often the only way an affected person can come to terms with, and see how their addiction is negatively impacting their life. Before stopping a medication, you should speak with your doctor about the quickest way to come off it.

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