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December 2015

Workout Gear

6 Items That Will Make Your Workout Easier

Working out can be difficult and tough to go through if you’re feeling lazy, you don’t have the right equipment, or you just don’t have the right clothes on. Try getting these six simple items to help make your workout…

Workouts after Knee Surgery

Safe and Effective Workouts You can Do after Knee Surgery

Staying in shape is vital to a happy and healthy life, but when you undergo knee surgery, your usual fitness routine won’t work. This can be a frustrating experience for many patients, especially those who are runners, athletes or lead…


Benefits of Seasonal Food

Eating seasonal food can have great benefits on our health and body. Having been able to eat all kinds of food whenever we want has become so much part of our lives that the link between what we eat and…

leg workout

Amazing Strength Training Exercises for Leg Day

  Whether you’re a seasoned athlete, or an exercise novice who spent their formative years on the couch, everyone needs to commit to a strength training routine. Cardio is excellent for aerobic capacity and fat loss, but it’s vital to…


6 Ways Exercise can Help you Overcome Personal Challenges

Facing your personal challenges in life is never easy. You need to be strong, act confident and know your limits. You also need to think clearly to make the best decisions possible. Exercising can make a difference. Here are six…