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How to Ditch your Pain Pills for Natural Solutions

Pain is a normal part of your body and all of us feel and experience pain every once in a while. It could be back pain, pain on your legs, headache, muscle pains and all other types of pains that your body feels when you work too hard or when you injure those parts of your body.

Why do people use pain pills?

There are many pain killers that you can use. In fact, pain pills are available left and right and are so easily accessible that most people take them at the first hint of pain. Well, yes, we all would like to prevent our days from getting disrupted. But apparently, long-term use of pain pills can lead to health problems such as stomach ulcers, kidney problems and even an increased risk of stroke and heart attack.

With the increased risks of severe health problems, some turn to natural medicine to deal with pain. Here is how to ditch your pain pills using natural solutions.

Natural Pain Killers

Before you say anything about natural pain killers and how “the effect takes longer” than pain pills, consider this – chemical-based pain pills slowly rot your kidneys and can lead to severe kidney problems in the future. That said, natural pain killers – as the name states – are made from natural ingredients and therefore, are not harmful for the body. It’s like eating vegetables instead of eating processed meat.

Some of the common natural pain killers are herbs like ginger and holy basil which have anti-inflammatory properties. They are used to treat arthritis and other likely conditions. Wintergreen essential oil contains the same component as aspirin. Peppermint is used to fight toothache, muscle pains, headache and joint pains.

Home Solutions for Back Pain Relief

The thing about back pains is that most causes are from your own doing too. For instance, wrong position when sleeping or sitting down can cause the back muscles to strain and cause back pain. Therefore, prevention is better than cure, and the best cure is to position yourself correctly.

When sleeping or lying down, lay your back flat and comfortably. Avoid hard surfaces when you lie down. When you sit down, sit straight and avoid slouching. Moving is also one way to release and relax the tensed muscles that can be causing pain. For severe back pains, you can cold compress the pained area with ice and an ice bag.

back pain relief

Herb Kratom

A safe and effective alternative for treating pain, Kratom is widely used by many to treat pain. Apparently, it is also a supplement used to treat depression and anxiety. In Kratom Crazy, you are taken to the many benefits in taking Kratom, especially if you have any of these symptoms.

People who use Kratom have given their reviews and testified that it is more effective and safer than other pain pills. Since it came from an actual plant, the Mitragyna Speciosa, it has natural properties that can overrule drugs based in chemicals.

kratom herb

Going “natural” with pain management increases your pain tolerance and your health. This is why using natural methods is more advisable than taking pain killers. So you can choose whether to use pain pills and expose yourself to many health risks, or you can do natural solution and stay healthy. The choice is not that hard.

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