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Lose Weight Naturally: 10 Tips to Cut the Flab without any Pill

You are probably similar to thousands of other people in the world; you have extra fat around your stomach which you just cannot shift. You may have tried a variety of fitness regimes or even starving yourself; but the fat remains. There is a simple reason for this; all the exercise in the world is not enough to shift the fat by itself; exercise will strengthen your muscles and burn fat. However, it is unlikely that it will burn enough fat to destroy the bit that collects around your stomach.

To get rid of that stubborn extra fat, follow these tips:

stubborn belly fat

Crunches are useless; strength training on the other hand is a lot more efficient

You can stop doing these! They are strengthening the muscle under the fat but they will not remove the fat on your stomach. In contrast, strength training, such as squats and deadlifts, has been shown to build muscle mass and help fat loss. Whilst these exercises will not work directly on your excess fat, they will strengthen your muscles and potentially shrink your waist size.

Eating healthily

This is one of the most important things to do; it does not just apply to when you want to lose weight. The main thing to avoid is processed food; this is high in all sorts of fats and has been linked with heart disease and even cancer. Instead, focus on a balanced diet which includes proteins, carbohydrates and healthy fats; alongside the necessary vitamins and minerals the body needs.


People often overlook the fact that alcohol is rich in calories; this means that if you wish to lose your excess fat you need to reduce to your intake drastically. A couple of drinks on a Saturday night will not hurt, if you drink beer every night you can forget losing your belly fat.


Carbohydrates are an essential form of energy; they are slow releasing and can supply you with energy throughout the day. However, if you eat too many of them your body will store the excess for future use. This is stored as fat and is usually the type of fat which appears on your stomach. Unfortunately, if you continue to eat too many carbs the ones which have been turned into fat will remain as fat; others will add to them and your size will swell. Equally sugar consumption should be cut to a minimum; this will usually add weight directly to your stomach.

carbs and belly fat

Eat more

Going hungry is not a good thing, it means you have not eaten enough and this means your body is not getting the nutrients it requires. This will result in your body needing to create energy; it does this by burning your muscles and not the fat on your body. You will become slimmer but you will still have excess stomach fat. Eat regularly to ensure your metabolism is working properly and ensure your diet is full of protein. There are two reasons for this. Firstly protein takes longer for your body to process so it keeps you feeling fuller for longer; secondly protein is essential for repairing and building muscles.


The right type of fat is not just good for you but an essential part of a healthy body. Additional, eating healthy fat regularly will stop your body from storing fat as it knows there is a regular supply of it. Lowering your general level of body fat, through this and the other nutritional points will ensure the layer of fat on your stomach starts to recede.

lower body fat


It can be difficult to stay motivated when trying to lose your belly fat.  It is important to monitor your results; this will help to keep you motivated. The best way to monitor your results is using a fat caliper; this will show you if your body fat is going downwards. You should also measure your waist and take pictures every couple of weeks; the results will then be obvious.

Losing weight without taking any pill can happen. However, for many people this is like something impossible to achieve. Diet pills should be avoided at all costs; but that doesn’t mean you can’t get informed about the benefits of health food supplements online. These are herbal supplements based on ingredients that 100% natural and shouldn’t be seen as pills.

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