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Squeeze in a Daily Workout, Even with a Busy Schedule


While regular workout routines and programs are fantastic ways to increase your overall health, the downside is that they can take up lots of time. When your time is limited, it can seem difficult to squeeze in a workout every day (if at all). We believe that you can maintain a healthy lifestyle and achieve a daily workout without a daily trip to the gym. Here are some creative ways to help your daily exercise happen.

Get up early

Even though setting your alarm an hour earlier than normal on a work day might seem depressing at first, you will thank yourself once you establish a morning workout routine. It doesn’t have to be circuits and monotonous workout DVDs in your home, though: get outside for a walk or run around the neighborhood. The cooler morning air and sunrise will help your body and mind prepare for the day in the right way. As a bonus, your workout will be finished before you even leave for work! Now that’s what we call productivity.

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Change your commute

If you live relatively close to the office, consider swapping your daily drive to work for a leisurely stroll, jog, or cycle ride. Don’t overexert yourself on the way to the office, or you might end up feeling (and smelling) worse than you’d like during the work day. When walking the whole way to work isn’t possible, think about parking a half a mile or so from the office instead of just outside the door. The small distance will be doubled on your journey back to the car (or quadrupled if you go out at lunchtime) and believe me, every little bit of exercise counts.

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Take the stairs

For those of you who work in office buildings with lots of stairs, think of it as a blessing instead of a curse. You can skip the elevator in favor of a speedy climb up to your office (feel free to use the elevator part of the way if you work on the 20th floor, of course!) for a daily buns-of-steel workout. If you have a few like minded coworkers, they might like to join you on a Stairmaster style lunch break exercise routine. Just be careful as you climb!

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Get a dog!

While making the decision to have a pet in your home is not one that should be taken lightly, it might just help you out with your workout motivation. Dogs need walking every day, of course, so you can kill two birds with one stone by taking out your pet and having a brisk walk or jog every morning and evening. Pets keep you responsible and accountable, too, so you’re more likely to stay motivated when you’re looking after others (especially ones who need to be taken out constantly).

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Kaitlin Krull is a writer and mom of two girls living the expat life in the UK. Her writing is featured on Modernize.com and a number of sites across the web.

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