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7 Great Exercises for Strengthening Your Arms


When it comes to upper body strength, there are several ways you can improve your lifting abilities. Whether you go to the gym regularly or want to work out at home, there are several things you can do to trim your arms and make them stronger at the same time.

1. Push-ups

Traditional push-ups continue to be one of the top choices for improving upper body muscle mass and becoming stronger. As you get stronger and the push-ups get easier, increase the challenge level by replacing palms with fists, doing claps in between, or lifting one leg as you go down. It’s a cheap and easy way to quickly build up your body.

2. Overhead Tricep Extension on the Cable

If you have a cable machine at home, then you can get a great workout for your triceps. Position the rope just below your neck and then stand with your back to the machine. Reach up and over your head to grab the rope with both hands. Pull up to fully extend your arms overhead. Continue this motion for however many reps you want, just keep good form throughout.

3. Embrace the Battle Rope

Supersize ropes that are attached to a ring in the ground provide you with great arm resistance and a great workout. Many gyms now have these ropes tucked away in another room or back corner, and you shouldn’t be afraid to use them. Just 10 minutes with these can give you an amazing workout.

4. A Refreshing Swim

Hit the water to lose weight and improve strength not just in your arms, but your whole body. Home pools aren’t just for the kids to play in. You can go with a swim spa, or hop in your regular pool with the kids to work on the upper body. Check out other home options from Blue World Pools you can install yourself. As you swim through the water, do a few laps where you hold your legs still and just pull yourself with your arms.

5. Incline Barbells Curl

If you love working with the barbells but want more of a challenge, then try resting on your stomach on an inclining bench. You’ll change the angle you’re working at, and boost your results while also helping you break through plateaus.

6. Decline Triceps Extension

You can also recline a bench so your head is slightly below your waist and then do triceps extensions with dumbbells. As with the incline exercises, you’ll change the feel of the exercise and target your muscles in a unique way.

7. Plank at a New Level

Planking is great for building muscles throughout your upper body, and you can take it to a new level by adding a press. Before getting in your plank position, place lightweight dumbbells right by your hands. Once in position, use one hand to lift and raise the dumbbell without losing the position. You’ll workout your shoulders, back, triceps, and abs all at the same time.

Final Words

Get your workout in and strengthen your arms with these smart exercises. From the basic to the more creative, you can work on upper body strength at home, at the gym, and even in your own backyard.


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