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How to Beat Your Genetic Muscle Potential

You have probably noticed that some people look good no matter whether they work out or not. Then there are people who need less time and effort to take their physical appearance to the next level. Two kinds of people, living under the same workout regime, following the same diet, will never look the same or be equally as strong. This is because of our inherent genetic muscle potential. In other words, your body has a potential and you cannot progress past this checkpoint. It is the absolute final stage of your fit transformation, and it takes years and years to reach it. You cannot pass it, but there are ways for you to reach it sooner.

Don’t believe in myths

Every now and then, you will encounter an enticing story about a movie star who bulked up for his next role in no more than several months. Some legends have it that the aforementioned celebrity gained 30 pounds or more in less than a half a year. Now, if this sounds too good to be true, it’s because it usually is.

how to have good genetics

The greatest progress you will encounter during your flirtation with fitness is in the first year, since you will be the furthest from your genetic potential. During this period, some people can gain up to 20 pounds in just 12 months. The more you progress, the less you will gain, and after 4 years of intensive training, it is highly unlikely that you will be able to gain more than 3-4 pounds of lean muscle a year. In fact, it is borderline impossible even for some of top notch professional bodybuilder to gain more than 7-10 pounds of muscle on an annual basis.

Natural muscle building

Of course, there are those obsessed with building muscle mass the clean way, even though this is the most difficult path to reaching your genetic muscle potential. Some believe that this gives them a special sense of achievement while others do it because they fear supplementation.

The first step you should take to make this possible is increase the quality you are lifting. What does this mean? You do not want to wear yourself out by lifting the heaviest weights you can possibly lift. Reduce it to about 80% of your abilities but increase the number of reps to 6-12. Another thing that benefits your muscle building endeavors is cardio. Mind you, cardio is a double edged blade – since too much of it can have an adverse effect on your muscles. Have no more than 4 goes at cardio per week, and keep them under 20 minutes, for optimal efficiency. Finally, in order to build lean muscle, you should eat at least 16 calories of lean meat, whole grain and low fat and carb food per every pound you have.

Going for supplements

Unfortunately, natural will only get you so far. Sooner or later (if you want to get maximum out of your training) you will give supplements a chance. Once you start giving your max at the gym, your body will require a lot of nutrients to keep going. Unlike their predecessors, those steroids which get a bad rap for being toxic, addictive, and unhealthy, modern supplements go through a lot of research and studies, and only those which pass all the safety exams can be placed on the market. If you are ready and willing to learn more about supplements, as well as the ways in which they can help you make the most out of your muscle mass building efforts, Amino Z has a lot to say about supplementary diets.

It is true that some people have more potential for muscle growth. Potential means nothing unless you make an effort to reach it. If you are truly interested in galloping towards your body’s maximum potential, you will need to make maximum effort. It is possible for everybody to get there, whichever path they take.

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