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How to Lose Weight the Right Way – 9 Methods that Work


Weight loss should be simple, but often it turns out tricky for a lot of people. Ideally, you only need to do two things; eat healthy and exercise. It’s easier said than done though, and weight loss can get complicated with all the fad diets floating around and conflicting reports on what’s healthy.

To start your weight loss program off right, make small changes rather than going for one giant overhaul. Tweak your daily routine so that you’re not snacking on that donut midday, and instead taking a run around the block.

To help out, here are 9 methods that help lose weight in an easy, manageable way.

1. Cut Down on Fast Food

This one should be easy, but we all know how tempting fast food can be. It’s cheap, it’s convenient, it tastes good, and it shows no sign of stopping. Today’s youth is more enthralled with fast food than ever. One study showed that young adults, ages 18 to 35, are the highest consumers of fast food.

It’s hard to resist, but instead of getting that double cheeseburger which is loaded in fat, try going home and making a meal with fewer calories. The misconception about fast food is that it’s cheaper than everything, but you can afford a nice healthy meal from the supermarket for just as little.

fast food is bad

2. Eat more Fruits and Vegetables

By cutting down on the unhealthy meals, you’ll be able to concentrate on finally eating right. First, stock up on lots of the essentials. Fruits and vegetables are both ideal for weight loss. Most contain a good amount of fiber without a lot of the calories. They can also be very filling, so you’re not looking for those extra calories afterwards. Full of important nutrients and vitamins, fruits and vegetables are an essential part of any diet.

eat fruits and veggies

3. Drink Weight Loss Shakes

While not as traditional as some other methods, protein shakes are known to aid weight loss. These beverages are high in protein content and induce calorie burning. Also, appealing is that they are convenient. Just buy a water bottle and the mix, and enjoy them anytime. Be careful which mix you are buying, however. Many weight loss shakes can be high in sugar content so make sure you check the labels. There are however lots of products that work that state it’s a great boost for metabolism. Protein shakes are also meant to be taken before or after a workout, so try and do some exercise when you drink one.

drink protein shakes

4. Burn some Calories

The weight is not going to shave itself off. Just because you are starting to eat healthier doesn’t mean you’ll be necessarily happy with the results. To see the pounds come off, you need to get active. Burning calories will get rid of that extra poundage you pick up throughout your day. There are lots of ways to burn, including jogging, bicycling, taking a walk, or even climbing some stairs. When climbing stairs, make sure you hit every step, as more calories are burnt up quicker and in greater quantities this way.

exercise more

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5. Stay Hydrated

Can drinking more water make me lose more weight? Yes actually. The body is 60% water and staying hydrated is essential to any healthy lifestyle. In a 2007 study, it was shown that drinking 500 ml of water increased thermogenesis by 24%, which is the process of heat creation in humans. Drinking water sharply boosts your metabolism by about 25%, which means you’ll burn more calories during this time.

drink more water

6. Use Smaller Plates – Visual Cues

It’s amazing how the human mind works. If we see a ham sandwich on a large silver tray, we perceive it to be quite tiny regardless if the sandwich is big. If we see that same sandwich on a tiny paper plate, we will subconsciously believe the sandwich to be much larger in size. These illusions are called visual cues. A 2006 study showed that we are unaware of how much we are dishing into large bowls and plates. A good trick is to use a smaller plate when eating meals. This way your mind still thinks you are eating more than you are.

eat with smaller plates

7. Cut Down on the Sugars and Salts

Sugar and salt are the two most overused ingredients in the modern diet. They are in almost everything, which means that people are eating way too many of them. This study has linked a diet that includes too much sugar with diabetes and weight gain. Cutting down on the sugar will significantly cut down on all that extra weight you’ve seen in the mirror. Instead of keeping snack cakes in your cupboard, try stocking it with some nuts and fresh fruit.

consume less salt

8. Join a Gym

It’s not necessary to join a gym during your weight loss journey, but it certainly helps. Gyms have great access to a lot of cardio burning aerobic exercises like treadmills, bikes, and step machines. Not only that but lifting weights has shown to prevent muscle loss and metabolic slowdown, both side effects of dieting and weight loss.

join a gym

9. Start Your Day with some Coffee

Doesn’t coffee contain sugar and caffeine? Isn’t it unhealthy then? Actually, coffee just gets a bad rap. The truth is coffee only gains some harmful properties after you add all the sugar and milk. When drinking it, try to drink it black. It may take some bit to get used to, but it’s much healthier. Coffee has also been shown to increase your metabolism which means you’ll be able to burn more fat afterwards.

drink coffee

Final Words

Weight is something people are always thinking about. “How to lose, how to gain it, am I finally thin enough” are just some of the questions we ask ourselves on a regular basis. What you need to do is be comfortable in your body. If you feel like you’re overweight and need to lose some pounds, great. If you don’t, that’s great too.

If you have the drive and motivation, and if you feel it’s important to shed some weight, then these tips will help in the long run.


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