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How your Weight Impacts your Bones

More than 34% of people in the USA are overweight, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, (2011 FastStats: Overweight and obesity). With this number, it is only logical to start thinking about the health risks that threaten the people who are overweight. More precisely, the risks the weight presents to the bones. Here is how the bones suffer when you overburden them with too much weight.

Affecting the Bone Density

There have been some misconceptions about the relation between the bone density and obesity. It was thought that the burden of the body weight on the bones triggers increased production of the bone marrow, making the bones denser. However, the studies showed that this is not the case. Moreover, the increased intake of high-fat foods can prevent calcium from being absorbed by the bones, which makes them weaker. In this case, it is important to introduce the low-fat diet, lightweight exercise and a carefully planned weight loss routine.

weight and bones

Causing Deformities

The same as the bad posture, the excess weight on your bones causes them to get deformed. Your body frame does not increase in size as you put on the weight. It is the same frame with more and more weight to carry. Naturally, it will start to bend and deform. Especially if you have sedentary lifestyle and weak muscle mass. In order to fix this, you need to choose exercises that strengthen the muscles, such as weightlifting, and correct the posture. Also, increased intake of calcium will help. You will find it in dairy products, oranges and fish.

Increasing the Risk of Osteoporosis

There are different types of research correlating overweight people and the risk of osteoporosis. The latest studies confirmed that overweight patients had lower bone mineral density of their lumbar region than expected. This means that they are more prone to hairline fractures and other deformities which increase the risk of osteoporosis. While your diet needs to help you improve your bone quality, you need to ask advice and exercise plan that will keep you safe from the injuries while improving your muscle mass to help your bones.

weight and osteoporosis

Other Health Effects of Being Overweight

Influencing the bones is not the only thing that excessive weight does. Being overweight increases risks of heart diseases, infections and diabetes. Also, skin issues, such as acne are not uncommon with people who have poor, sugar packed diet. If the acne do not respond to the usual remedies, you need to find effective and reliable cure that will save you from scarring. The highly effective acne treatment in Melbourne is an example of good solution for the skin problems.

Final Words

Trying to slim down and to be healthier has nothing to do with your self-confidence and loving yourself and your body. Dieting and regular exercise do not aim to make you more beautiful, but to make you healthier. Your self-image can improve, not because you want to fit into your old jeans, but because you want to do something good for your body. That is the best way to love yourself and to love your body – by doing what is good for it.

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