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Training with Fitness and Nutrition Apps in 2016

With the advancements of fitness and nutrition apps, athletes are no longer the only people who can monitor their training. With constant developments, technology for fitness is now affordable to the everyday person and it is working wonders for their results. Health consciousness has arguably never been as high as it is now. People are against living sedentary lifestyles and are actively looking for ways that they can stay fit and healthy.

There are now watches, bands and apps that allow you to explore your exertions all whilst getting you fit and teaching you more about your body. By arming yourself with the ability to monitor your activity and rest patterns, it allows you to stay on track of your aims and efficiently reach your goals. Utilising these tools is the best way to give you accurate results and highlight areas that you could improve on. The great thing about it is that no longer can poor attempts be ‘swept under the rug’ as technology measures the exact activity so you can’t cheat or make excuses for failure.

There are tons of items available on the market that offer different degrees of sophistication from beginners to avid exercisers. However, before you purchase any products you need to know just what tech does to benefit your training.

Nutrition Tracking

As you’ll know, nutrition is generally regarded as the most important factor in any training regime. Keeping track of your daily nutrition is vital for success as you will need to be eating the right foods, at the right time and in the right amounts. There are great apps you can take advantage of that will make you more aware of what you need to be consuming. These apps help to manage your intake of all of your calories including the foods themselves or supporting supplements such as whey protein. By putting that extra attention to detail into your nutrition, your body will reap the benefits.

Improving Performance

What’s great about implementing wearable tech is that it allows you to review and enhance your training experience to get improved results. As you get into your schedule you begin to look over your performance, taking a closer interest in how you’re doing and how you can go about improving. Through studying the data, it allows you to investigate areas of your training such as your heart rate or peak performance points. This in turn enables you to highlight areas you did well at or didn’t hit your max, so you can train more efficiently next time.

A lot of people fail in their aims as they become stagnant with their exercises. This leads to boredom and often, a low level of effort in the overall workout. This is arguably tech’s biggest benefit as it positively allows you to evaluate your output. Even for the beginner, by knowing exactly how many calories you’re burning, you’ll know how much you need to be eating. If you want to reach a certain weight, the tech will tell you how to get there or the exercises you need to be doing.


Fitness and nutrition apps can talk to you during your day. They encourage you to train and reward you by sending you a “well-done” message when you reach a daily target. It may sound simple, but the feeling that you get when you hit your goal is rewarding and it gives you that motivation going forward. Everybody wants to accomplish their aims and apps just give you that personal inspiration to do so. You even have the ability to challenge your friends or family for added stimulus. This adds to the fun of exercise and provides the competitive element that will push you a little bit further, as if you slack, they will know!

Final Words

Regardless of whether you’re a gym addict or you’re just looking for a way to gain accurate information from your sessions, the rise of fitness and nutrition apps is a great way to help you reach your goals quicker. Track your daily progress and become accountable for your own success.

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