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April 2016

weight loss myths

7 Weight Loss Myths and Why you Should Ignore Them

There is a growing number of people in developed countries struggling to lose weight. But despite this, weight loss is still poorly understood which results in far too many myths out there. For this reason, we need to learn more…

weight workout

How to Make Your Weight Workouts Count in the Long Run

A good fitness routine is all about balance. In order for your bar and hand weight workouts to count, you’ll have to ensure they target all the important areas of your body and are combined with an effective cardio routine…

sculpt your body

Sculpt Your Body with These Delicious Foods and Workouts

Spring is finally here, and it is a perfect moment to start working on your beach body, shed ab flab, and tone up muscles. While dietary adjustments may help you lose a few pounds, a proper workout program will tighten…