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How to Make Your Weight Workouts Count in the Long Run

A good fitness routine is all about balance. In order for your bar and hand weight workouts to count, you’ll have to ensure they target all the important areas of your body and are combined with an effective cardio routine to maintain a slim and toned physique.

A lot of people think that by jacking up their protein intake and lifting as much as possible they’ll build the most muscle, but the problem with this idea is it isn’t a realistically maintainable routine. Instead of performing intense workouts to achieve fast results now, it’s better to come up with an exercise routine that targets your objectives at the time and can be easily maintained and adjusted over the course of your life.

Eat a Muscle-Building Diet

Your diet should provide your body with its necessary daily intake of vitamins and minerals, as well as keep your figure lean. A lot of people struggle with finding the right balance between foods that help them lose weight, and foods that build muscle mass. The secret lies in calculating how many calories you eat and timing that consumption.

In short, in order to gain muscle you’ll need to eat more calories, but you can regulate this so you’re only eating what’s going to help you grow. recommend a large breakfast and a larger post-workout meal followed by smaller portions. You could also look into pre-workout Do Vitamins designed to improve exercise’s effectiveness and promote stronger results.

Balanced diet

Use Bands and Chains with Barbell Sets

Resistance training is highly effective and can really give your weight workouts that extra dose of intensity you need to see better results. explains, “Provide linear variable resistance training (LVRT)—as the range of motion increases, so does the load.” So adding chains to a barbell can transform what many see as one of the gym’s most boring pieces of equipment into a challenging and effective workout. As a beginner, you can start with resistance-band pushups and work your way up.

Resistance Band exercises

Extend Your Workouts

Learning to break up your workouts throughout the day can help you stay fit for a lifetime. Instead of only doing five sets at the gym, why not aim for 10 a day? You can achieve this by performing the sets in smaller increments at a higher intensity. It’s been found that interval training is a lot more effective than traditional workouts, so switch up your routine and see how you feel afterwards!

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Building Muscles the Right Way

Muscle definition takes time and commitment and doesn’t come exclusively from lifting weights. Eating the right foods and performing regular cardiovascular exercise are equally important factors that contribute to well-toned physique. Regardless of whether or not you’re trying to bulk up or just want to get a taut tummy, following a balanced muscle-building exercise and meal plan will ensure that you’re able to achieve your fitness goals and maintain them for years to come.

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