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workout and nutrition tracking

6 Reasons to Track Your Workouts and Nutrition

  You’ve seen them at your local gym, you know, those people. The guy writing furtively between sets in small notebooks. Or the gal going to her smartphone quickly between exercises in order to quickly tap away in an app. And perhaps…

exercising with glasses

4 Best ways to Exercise while wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses to work out can be a pain. Between the battle of dripping sweat and simply trying to keep them on or the constant juggling to keep them safe as you take them on and off, it is no…

healthy snacks idea

Top 4 Healthy Snack Ideas

While breakfast is known to be the most important meal of the day, for people who exercise, getting fueling snacks into their diets is just as important as a good start. Depending on your goals, everyone requires a different ratio…

Resistance Band workout

Band vs. Bar: What’s the Better Weight for your Body?

Resistance bands versus weight lifting bars have long been a topic of fitness debates. Staying fit needs to be safe and still use diverse ways to achieve the desired results and both methods have their own pros and cons. According…

30 minute workout

5 Ways to Get 30 Minutes of Exercise Daily

In today’s world, it’s hard to stay in top shape. Between working longer hours on the job and raising a family, people everywhere find themselves getting out of shape and not having a way to combat weight gain. While getting…