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Band vs. Bar: What’s the Better Weight for your Body?

Resistance bands versus weight lifting bars have long been a topic of fitness debates. Staying fit needs to be safe and still use diverse ways to achieve the desired results and both methods have their own pros and cons.

According to research, exercising, eating the right foods, and getting plenty of rest, are considered three universal components for weight loss. Here is a look at the difference between bands and bar workouts and what will be a better weight loss solution for your body.

Resistance Band Weights

Fitness and rehabilitation are common uses for resistance bands. They are categorized by a 12 color-coded system and each one provides a range of weight based on pounds of resistance. Consumers can purchase them separately or in groups. Black tops one end of the scale with 200 pounds of resistance, while orange generates up to six pounds. To differentiate them further, lighter colors and smaller widths produce less pound resistance, while darker colors and wider widths produce more pounds. For example, half inch wide medium black bands produce between 10 and 35 pounds. However, four inch wide super heavy black generates 200 pounds.

Resistance Band Workouts

Consistent workouts blended with diversity keeps fitness routines interesting. Bands add to this with their varied options that can be tailored to different body parts. Most sessions start with lighter and thinner bands before increasing to the darker and thicker versions. The type of exercise will also dictate which band to choose. Direction of the pull and the body’s position are more factors to consider during use. Sitting and standing during workouts determine how much resistance is being generated. Bands can be used on a doorway, beams, poles, or with the body as an anchor.

resistance band routine

Weight-Lifting Bars

Bars come in various weights and diameters. Larger diameters are heavier and make the body use more energy during weight lifting sets. They can also be used as a pull-up bar. To burn maximum fat, pull-up regimens use the entire body weight. Bars are sold separately with an option to purchase more than one or free weights later. They are considered traditional with little variety, but deliver reliable results.

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Weight-Lifting Bars Workouts

A set of bars that increase in diameter is ideal. Start with the smaller diameter and work up towards the larger ones over time. Use one as a pull-up that is available during regular routines. The other bars can be used in sets with increments of 20 to push the muscles harder over time. Routines should include sitting, squatting, and standing positions.

Final Words

Using weights and bands are great for improving and changing up a weight routine. You need these weight lifting sessions if you want to lose weight since building your muscles and burning energy this way does different thing for your body than just cardio alone. You should also use the right nutrition and supplement it with safe products like SDI Labs steroids or vitamins and nutrient supplements.
The answer to the correct band or bar weight question is determined by an individual’s current and desired fitness level. You should have routines using both options with a variety of weights. There are no silver bullets, only myriad of options based on several factors with a choice between a traditional or contemporary route and each has potential to help you attain fitness and health.

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