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4 Best ways to Exercise while wearing Glasses

Wearing glasses to work out can be a pain. Between the battle of dripping sweat and simply trying to keep them on or the constant juggling to keep them safe as you take them on and off, it is no surprise that many people look for alternatives to make the experience of exercising in glasses more manageable. Solutions to this annoyance can range from a simple accessory, to a whole new pair of glasses specifically for physical activity. Here are some other popular solutions.

1. Contacts

An excellent option for many active people is contacts. These generally require a separate eye appointment to assess the type is appropriate for your eyes, and to learn how to maintain them. This is not a solution for everyone. One good thing about exercising with contacts is that it allows you to also wear fashionable sunglasses when running or hiking outdoors.

2. Head Strap

One of the main issues with glasses is the way they slide around during heavy activity. This becomes especially difficult when there is slippery sweat involved. A head strap is an excellent way to hold glasses in place while exercising. This solution is more cost effective than purchasing a separate pair of glasses or contacts, and can be useful on trips and hikes. Straps for glasses are available online or at some shops that sell glasses like All About Eyes.

3. Sweatbands

Using sweatbands while exercising not only keeps you forehead and face a little dryer, it prevents the sweat from dripping down into the eyes or onto your glasses. These have also become fashionable additions to workout attire in recent years and you can find them in many different styles. Available at most retail chains that sells athletic gear, this is an inexpensive fix to the problem of dripping sweat.

4. Prescription Goggles

For some, contacts are not an option. Talk to an ophthalmologist about getting prescription goggles. These are especially useful for exercises that involve a dusty climate like rock climbing or baseball. They may also be an option for those who tend to have a hard time keeping glasses securely in place while active. This solution is not recommended unless there is a lot of activity going on, simply because these goggles can be costly.

Final Words

Never before have there been so many options for glasses wearers to explore. Although working out in glasses can be a pain, it doesn’t have to be a pain in the pocketbook. Some accessories as well as prescription wear can assist active glasses wearers. Find a solution that helps you to enjoy staying active!

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