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July 2016

mood lifting workouts

Exercise for Positivity: Best Workouts to Boost Your Mood

Everyone has their ups and downs, but low periods can be particularly damaging to your mood. And whether they’re caused by work, a move to a new city away from family, or mounting bills, prolonged periods in the doldrums can…

marathon dieting

Marathon Training: How to Modify Your Diet for Harder Workouts

Many runners, especially amateur or non-runners, don’t have a proper nutrition plan in place when training for a marathon. Eating well leading up to a run, long or short distance, gives the athlete a variety of benefits, including a better…

bench press workout

What is the Best Workout for Gaining Strength?

These days the internet is bursting with a host of “Top-selling” strength workouts each of which is marketed more vigorously than the last. From Pilates to High-intensity interval training (HIIT) and Tabata, along with the latest combination of 6 days…

yoga asanas

5 Easy-to-do Yoga Asanas at Home

Do you find yourself always stuck in the hectic work schedule with no luxury of time to think about yourself? Worry no more! We bring you 5 easy-to-do yoga asanas in almost no time at all. These quick and easy…