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5 Easy-to-do Yoga Asanas at Home

Do you find yourself always stuck in the hectic work schedule with no luxury of time to think about yourself? Worry no more! We bring you 5 easy-to-do yoga asanas in almost no time at all. These quick and easy to do poses will ensure you strength and endurance. Yoga has numerous benefits that can only be experienced to understand. Home practice is no piece of cake. It requires hell lot of dedication and never say die attitude. Therefore, scroll down to know further:

1. Malasana or the Garland Pose

Malasana pose
This asana is one of the favourite poses for  yoga doers. It works primarily with releasing the lower back, opening the hips and converting the practitioner into a nugget. As it looks like, it’s difficult for beginners as they genuinely struggle with dropping themselves to the ground. Make sure to spin your heels in and toes out, to help yourself with your posture.

2. Salamba Setu Bandhasana or the Bridge Pose

Salamba setu bandhasana

This is a fun asana to perform. While performing this one, you will resemble a conventional bridge pose. That’s where the yoga derives its name from. To make it simple and convenient, add a block under the lower back and then you can manage to stay there our hours without any hassle. For beginner it is advised to initiate with a block on the low and medium position just beneath your lower back.

3. Utrasana or Camel Pose

Camel yoga pose
Camel pose is kind of love-hate pose. Key is to foster a proper stance in the body to keep the lower back supported and the neck happy/content.  So here we go. Stand o your shins with your knees and feet. Wrap your hands around your hips developing your tailbone to drop down while your lower belly fits upto neutralize your pelvis. Keep your hands on hips and elevate your heart up with all power as you roll your shoulder heads back. Hold here with hands on the hips for about 8 months.

4. Jinu Sirsasana or Head-to-knee Forward Bend Pose

Jinu Sirsasana
This one in particular appears to be normal and easy to do, but in real it’s quite hard to pick up due to lack of flexibility.  The stance of this asana is in a way of forward fold and releases the calf of the straight leg with added benefit of opening the hip of the bent-knee leg. It also teaches the student to notice the effects of small nuances, like squaring the chest with straight knee leg.

5. Viparita Karani or Leg up the Wall Pose

It is basically an asana which has a glorious pose and great for all levels of students. It is said so because it offers an improved thinking ability and new found level of energy. Leg-up-the-wall is an appropriate way to soothe after a hectic day at work. It eases the legs and is also fantastic posture if you struggle with insomnia or sleep deprivation. As you lie down, turns around the yoga mats and sweep your legs up the wall, keeping your lower back elevated.

 Viparita Karani

About the author: Sneha Krishnan works as a Content Writer at TrendyBharat. She is a voracious reader and travel lover at heart. Writing has always been her passion and music is her world. She lives by her mantra – Eat. Read. Sleep. Repeat!


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