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Balanced Meals: How to Get in the Right Nutrients after a Full Workout

You have just come home following an incredible workout and are feeling great. But you need to find something to eat to regroup those lost nutrients. You are not required to be a dietitian or health guru to eat correctly after a tough workout, though. Anyone can learn the correct way to boost their nutrition. There are just a few simple steps to understand.

Protein Combo

One of the single best protein combos to enjoy following a serious workout is actually quite surprising to many. Following an exercise, you should consume chocolate milk. Chocolate milk provides the perfect balance of carbs and protein, is low-fat to avoid excess fats and sugars, and is great for both strength and cardio training sessions. Consuming a single 8 oz. serving will provide all of the necessary nutrients the body may require after a strenuous workout.

chocolate milk post workout


Recovery time is crucial following a workout. The recovery window should be considered an opportunity to truly enhance the work you just put in at the gym. For example, around 30 minutes after a cardio workout session, your body is optimized to replenish energy stores, muscle, and liver glycogen. What this means is that you should introduce whole grains, vegetables, fruits, or beans into your diet within that 30 minute window to make the most of the workout.

For a more intense, strength training workout, you generally have around 2 hours post-workout to replenish nutrients within the body. Following the excessive activities, muscle protein synthesis will begin, releasing muscle tissue recovery and repairing and replacing lost fluids. This allows the body to adapt to the stress experienced during the workout. Some great foods to consume would include protein shakes, pure water, sports drinks, coconut water, banana slices, whole grains, or a sliced apple with some walnuts as a side. You want to administer protein as soon as possible to help build lean muscle quickly.

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Circuit Training

Circuit training combined with strength training requires very few adjustments to the workout routine. Post-workout allows for 30 to 60 minutes after activity has ceased. A piece of fruit and toast, or a mango smoothie are perfect options to replace lost nutrients. You should also continue drinking plenty of water and have an extra carbohydrate, such as a Klosterman Baking Company roll or sandwich with your next meal which, again, should be up to one hour post-workout.

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Final Words

The right nutrients introduced into your body post-workout are incredibly important for receiving the right gains for your trouble. Plan ahead and prepare a small meal or a protein smoothie to really enhance everything you’ve done at the gym that day.


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