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3 Tips for a Successful Couple’s Workout Routine

Working out with a significant other can actually increase your chances of sticking with it. But the gym certainly has a way of bringing out a different side of someone. Following a few guidelines will ensure a smooth workout for both partners and allow a pleasant experience for everyone involved.

Try New Workouts

There’s no reason you can’t treat your workouts the way you would a date. Look at this as a way to spend time together and bond—not just sweat. Try new classes like kickboxing or cross fit, go for a hike, or sign up for a boot camp together. Trying new things is one of the best ways to give your relationship a boost.

Whether you’re trying things or not, don’t forget to be supportive. It’s easy to feel competitive or want to push your partner because you know what they are capable of. However, being mean, acting like a personal trainer (even if you happen to be one), or making them feel bad because they can’t keep up will only hurt your relationship—and likely lose you a gym and workout buddy.


Enlist a Nutrition Counselor

Couples sometimes overlook the need for individual nutrition plans. No two bodies are the same, and this is especially true for couples with vastly different physical features. What works for a guy who is 6’3” and looking to put on muscle won’t work for a girl who is 5’2” and looking to become leaner. A nutrition counselor from Modern Therapy can work with any couple to assess their individual nutritional needs, which will help you both attain your fitness goals faster.


Don’t Overdo It 

When working out with a partner, it’s easy to want to show off. But everyone is different, and let’s be honest, in general, guys are stronger than girls. You know your limits. Don’t try to keep up if it means pushing yourself too far and causing an injury. Do how much you can and any good partner will be supportive of your efforts.

Working out with a buddy, especially a significant other, will help keep you motivated, entertained when you feel bored with the gym, and they will hold you accountable for reaching your fitness goals. Keep these tips in mind and you and your SO will be able to enjoy a successful workout together and grow closer than before.

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