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Best Exercises for Better Brain and Body Health

While performing certain exercises, you can experience a boost to both your brain and physical health. In fact, researchers have shown that you can improve your cognitive function and overall mental processing by engaging in regular exercise. In general, aerobic exercises are credited with having the most significant impact on brain function because they increase heart rate and allow for more oxygen to be pumped to your brain. Any of the following exercises will help you break a sweat and stimulate your brain at the same time.


Zumba has become a very popular way to torch calories. It involves taking a class or following along at home with a DVD to combine a series of dance moves to upbeat music. The appeal of Zumba is that you are burning calories without becoming bored or fixated on how much longer you need to keep going to hit your target. One of the reasons that a Zumba workout is so beneficial to your physical and brain health is that it requires you to keep up with combinations of exercises that change very quickly. The act of learning new movements to learning is a unique way to stimulate your brain and keep it engaged. This can prevent some forms of dementia in older age.


Walking and Running Intervals

If you are not an experienced runner, you may need to start this exercise with just walking. You can always progress to add in running intervals as your fitness level improves. According to an Austin TX Sober Living center, walking and running are two of the most common forms of aerobic exercises patients will try as they get back into shape. When performed in intervals, you can give your heart rate an extra jolt during the running portion of your workout. It is recommended that you fit in at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week. If you are able to switch between one minute of walking and one minute of running for a total of 30 minutes each day, you would only need to work out five days a week to hit your goal.


Circuit Training

The benefit of circuit training for brain health is that it requires you to bounce between a variety of exercises. This makes sure your mind is active while you are increasing circulation. An effective circuit training workout could include working various muscle groups during a single gym session. For example, try starting with holding a plank for one minute, doing crunches for one minute, walking with alternating lunges for one minute, and doing as many jumping jacks as you can for one minute. At the end of the entire round, you can take one minute for rest. If you repeat this sequence six times, you will have completed a 30-minute session. Circuit training has picked up popularity in recent years because it offers a way to make an exercise session less boring. By switching from different exercises, you force your brain to engage with new muscle groups and stay active.


No matter which exercise you find is best for you, the key is to stick with an exercise program on a regular basis. Studies show that you can prevent memory loss and improve your cognitive function by staying physically active. Although any exercise can help to stimulate your brain, aerobic exercises are typically the most effective for increasing the amount of oxygen that gets to your brain. As you decide on an exercise program that fits your schedule, physical ability, and lifestyle, make sure you keep with it. Make daily goals and stay motivated with new ideas and routines. In no time, you’ll be functioning better both in mind and body.


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