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How to stay fit during festive season

Holiday season is a time of joy and festivities, but it’s also a time when we tend to neglect our healthy habits and lifestyle. If you want to stay fit during the festive season and afterwards, you might want to pre-plan your holiday activities a bit. In that respect, you’ll be able to afford much deserved lounging around, delicious food and hot cocoa. Basically, it’s all about the balance. So, let’s take a look at how you can actually get the best of both worlds.

Say no to overeating

It’s clear that staying away from holiday treats can be the hardest thing ever. But, you don’t have to avoid these delicious foods and drinks completely. Just remember how much you should actually consume. Keeping a food diary can be very helpful. So, when you count your calories you can definitely try to incorporate high-calorie festive food as well. Basically, you don’t need to munch on snacks all day long. Also, do you really need to have Christmas-like breakfast and dinner for the whole season? By pre-planning your meals and including holiday treats for an occasional snack or festive dinner, you can cut on calories from your other meals.


Careful with alcohol

If you don’t drink alcohol at all, you won’t have to worry. But, if you enjoy an alcoholic beverage from time to time, holiday season might prove to be quite a challenge. Therefore, you must decide how much alcohol you’re actually going to drink. Keep in mind your tolerance and the limit for your diet. Also, never go to parties on which there will be alcohol when you’re hungry. If you know there will be food as well, even better. Make sure that you eat before you drink. That way you won’t have the desire to snack as you drink or eat a lot of food when you get home.


Keep exercising

It might be hard to engage in a physical activity during the holidays but as long as you get regular workout, you don’t have to challenge your body the way you’re used to every single day. For example, if you don’t feel like hitting the gym, do a set of exercises at home, as you watch some fun Christmas movies. This will reduce your snack craving as well. Also, use every opportunity you step outside to get a good workout. In this case, some light cycling on electric bikes or casual jogging can be very helpful. If there’s a lot of snow in your area and all your destinations are in a walking distance, definitely ditch the car. Walking in the snow is a great endurance training alternative.


Opt for healthier recipes

Enjoying good food when you’re a guest is acceptable when you create a balance with your workout routine. But, high-calorie foods that your grandma used to make are not the only holiday recipes that you can make at home. There are tons of recipes online that offer healthier, low-calorie alternatives that are equally tasty. That way, even if you enjoy a holiday meal at parties and gatherings from time to time, you won’t have the same calorie bombs waiting for you at home.


Control your portions

During the festive season, most people like to make a snack or meal and eat it in front of a TV. When you don’t pay attention to the food you eat but something else, such as a TV show or a movie, you can eat a lot more than you need. Therefore, before you lose yourself in quality time with Christmas movie or even a book, make sure to check the amount of food that you put on your platter. Controlling the portion size before you actually start eating will allow you to enjoy yourself the way you wanted worry-free.


There’s no doubt that holiday season is a time when everyone wants to feel relaxed and laid back. Still, healthy eating and staying fit is a lifestyle. This means that no matter the occasion, you should always try to follow your own rules. If you meal plan, practice self-control and engage in regular exercise, you’ll still be able to enjoy the holidays without losing your established routine.

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