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February 2017

speed up your weight loss

6 Top Workouts that can Speed up Your Weight Loss

Exercise is a vital component of any fitness or weight loss program, and while persevering through the HCG diet, this couldn’t be truer.  In fact, the HCG diet drops and strict diet works to redistribute and eventually eliminate fat while…

leg workout routine

5 Killer Leg Workouts for Building More Muscle

The number of people exercising regularly is increasing and it’s always a great resolution to get fit and get active. An active life can help counterbalance a sedentary job and keep your body healthy. Regular exercise can help you maintain…

healthy easy meals

3 Healthy Easy Meals you Need to Know About

We all are aware of the fact that our diet plays a very significant role in keeping us healthy and fit. Yet, it is also true that a majority of us eat unhealthy food and ignore out fitness. You will…


5 Reasons You Don’t Need a Gym to Stay Healthy

As much as there are plenty of reasons for you to shell out that hefty joining fee and monthly membership for your local gym, there are just as many reasons not to do so. Don’t get us wrong, we are…