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6 Top Workouts that can Speed up Your Weight Loss

Exercise is a vital component of any fitness or weight loss program, and while persevering through the HCG diet, this couldn’t be truer.  In fact, the HCG diet drops and strict diet works to redistribute and eventually eliminate fat while protecting muscle tissue from being lost.  Meanwhile, any good exercise program will continuously build up that muscle mass, increase bone density, and enhance the body’s calorie-burning capability.  Furthermore, the biochemical changes that accompany exercise (increased endorphins, serotonin, and so forth) would partner well with the effects of the supplementary HCG hormone.

So you might be wondering where to start.  The answer is with a visit to your family doctor or some other healthcare professional to assess your overall health and to determine what kind of program is just right for you.  The following are just a few possibilities.

1. Low-Impact Cardio

low impact cardio

Any kind of cardio workout is excellent for heart, lung, and brain health since these vital organs benefit from increased circulation.  The whole point is to work up to a level where are you are slightly winded but still able to carry on a conversation plus maintain an increased pulse rate for at least 30 minutes.  Nonetheless, in the preliminary phases of the HCG diet when calorie count is at its lowest, you might consider starting off with low-impact cardio training keep from becoming too fatigued or dizzy.  In the latter phases of the HCG program, you can always increase the intensity as you slowly start to phase in more foods into your daily low carb hcg diet.  Here are some suggestions:

  • Brisk Walking
  • Elliptical Training
  • Spin Classes
  • Swimming (most necessary if suffering from arthritis or back pain)
  • Bicycling
  • Power Yoga
  • Roller Skating or Roller Blading
  • Cross Country Skiing
  • Line Dancing (most of them without the “hop”)


2. Strength Training

strength training

Although intense and strenuous weight-lifting is not highly recommended while taking weight loss drops like hcg. Some degree of strength training can be quite useful, particularly in the maintenance phase.  An increase in muscle tissue also boosts metabolism.  As long as you incorporate strength training only a few times a week (2 to 3 days) in conjunction with aerobic activity, you’ll not suffer any kind exhaustion or fall into a plateau.  Also, you might consider keeping resistance at a minimum and gradually increasing the number of repetitions so as to tone your muscles.  Some of the following are ideal for this diet program:

  • Water Sports (lap swimming, low-intensity water aerobics or Aqua Zumba)
  • Exercises that utilize Rubber Tubing for resistance
  • Exercises that utilize your own body weight (crunches, pull-ups, squats, etc.)
  • Rowing (either an actual boat or on a rowing machine)
  • Using free weights and ankle weights
  • Using weight machines

You may have noticed that some low-impact exercises double up on the objectives of building strength and raising your pulse. Heart rate can be increased while rowing or swimming.  Elliptical training can give a challenging total-body workout if the resistance is raised up by a significant amount.  Another activity that is simple and has great results is walking with three-pound dumbbells.  Depending on location and your own comfort level, you can do bicep curls while you walk and then pause to do some step-ups on the curb with arms and weights at your side. (It is important to note, however, that you should never walk while wearing ankle weights, as this can cause an injury.)  In regard to strength training, the possibilities are endless.

3. Cross Training

cross training

This form of working out is a combination of both cardio and strength training in one session.  Again, the intensity need not be very high to get the desired results of toning muscles and burning calories.  To start off this workout, you would need to warm up and stretch for five minutes.  Then, for the next 30 to 40 minutes, you would alternate between an aerobic exercise, like walking at a brisk pace or light jogging or bicycling at a fast speed, for about ten minutes.  Then, you switch to a form of strength training for roughly three minutes. This can consist of lifting with light weight, crunches, lunges or any other muscle-toning exercise.  Then, you would end off with a five-minute cool-down and stretching.

4. Tai Chi

tai chi

If you’re looking at an alternative to the gym, or if you wish to incorporate exercise that is not part of the “usual” routine, then Tai Chi is a great option.  Research (according to Mayo Clinic) has shown that this form of martial art improves sleep cycles, immune system, and balance.  This exercise is especially ideal for seniors because of the decreases in joint pain and the low risk of falling.  Furthermore, Tai Chi can be done indoors or outdoors, alone or with a group, depending on your preferences.  Over a period of time and practice, you’ll enjoy more flexibility, agility, and even muscle definition.  Tai Chi would not only partner well with other aspects of your workout regimen but also serve well to let go of stress at the end of a work day.

5. Yoga

yoga low impact

For building muscle tone and strength, while also decreasing stress levels, yoga is the ideal exercise and alternative to more “traditional” workouts.  According to the American Osteopathic Association, yoga provides advantages to both physical and mental health, and of course, leads to gradual weight loss.Almost all certified weight loss programs recommend doing Yoga during course. The poses and stretches helps to firm and define muscles in order to improve athletic performance and to protect from injuries.  Furthermore, consistent practice also leads to better cardio and respiratory health.

In addition to the advantages for physical well-being, yoga is a great stress reliever because of the stretching and deep breathing techniques.  Because oftentimes stress manifests itself in the physical discomfort that takes place in the body, such as headache, backache, or sore neck, yoga offers complete relief of both the pain and the tension.  Your mind is cleared enough to think more calmly and less distracted by any bodily pain.

6. Pilates

pilates exercise

Pilates is quite similar to yoga and Tai Chi, but emphasis is placed on the core and back—both of which allow for more balance and ease of movement when strengthened.  Again, this is an excellent choice if age and/or physical condition is a factor to where strength training with weights or machines would not be possible.  Participating in type of program will also result in better muscle control and flexibility.  However, special attention needs to be given to form so as to reap the full benefits of strengthening and enhancing your core.

Final Words

So as you can see, there are many options for incorporating exercise into your weight loss program.  The more often you move around, the sooner you will see—and feel—the positive results.

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