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4 Easy Home Exercises to Lose Weight

Have you ever been so busy that you’d think 20-30 minutes of exercising everyday is such a luxurious idea? Well, you’ve come to the right place then, because I have  just the things you need. There are plenty of excuses for people to skip a training day at the gym; too many people jamming inside so you have to wait for your turn, every single time, or people who just stand around doing nothing while they should be clanking weights.

There are tons of different reasons you couldn’t make it to the gym. Some of those reasons are justified while others are simply lame excuses. As long as you don’t let it become a habit, you should be fine. Beside, who say you can’t work out in the comfort of your home? All you really need to cut down weight and develop strength is your own body weight. Obviously you also need a diet and a healthy lifestyle, but that’s a different topic for another day.

By reducing equipment to a minimum, you’ll also add more flexibility and pack up explosiveness to power your movements. The following exercises utilize your own weight to train just about every area of your body. And to top it off, you can do them at your own pace in a comfortable setting.

The good-old push-ups

home pushups

Push-up has always ranked at the top bodyweight exercises for upper body because of its simplicity and versatility. Its nature makes it a perfect choice for home workout. Furthermore, there’s a plethora of pushup variations available that will make sure all major areas of your upper body are targeted, for example, chest, shoulders, biceps and triceps.

2. Sit-up and crunches

sit-up crunches

Let’s shift our focus on the midsection of your body. Crunches might not be the most exciting for the job, but they fit in perfectly with the theme of this article: home workout. Beside, you can easily modify the exercise in many ways to fit your needs.

3. Squats

squat exercise

It will be a huge mistake if we forget about our lower body. Squatting is the prime exercise for developing a strong lower body section. Keep in mind that bodyweight squats slightly differs from squats with weights in terms of positioning.

4. The total body-burnout

This compound exercise has effects quite similar to those you’ll get from cardio workout: fat burning and lean muscle development, while getting breathless and damp with perspiration.

It is perfect for people who get bored easily. This workout offers fresh approaches to familiar exercises, combining them into a sequence of movements. As the results, all muscle groups of your body are targeted multiple times without repeating any sets.


Final Words

Whether you’re a complete beginner or an experienced trainer, incorporating these 4 easy home exercises can significantly improve your stamina. To top it off, you do not need any gym subscription membership or fancy equipment to achieve your goals

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