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4 Health Benefits to Owning a Dog

If you are someone who always saw a dog just as a fuzzy co-dependent, it is time you changed your opinion. In the recent past, there have been many studies that have shown that quality time that is spent with a dog can impact your health in a positive way and can elevate your mood to levels you never imagined was possible. Below are 4 health benefits to owning a dog

1)    Healthier Heart

dog increase our hear health

Well, you guessed it right. As a dog owner, you tend to walk more, thus lowering your chances of getting a heart disease. If you are someone who already has had a heart attack, there are reasons for you to smile. Research has shown that dog owners who are heart attack survivors live longer than people with identical heart conditions that don’t have dogs. When you own a dog, you tend to walk more naturally. Increased walking helps in keeping your body weight in check, thus assisting you to fight obesity. Habitual dog walkers will vouch for enhanced fitness levels when they walk with their dog friends rather than with their human friends.

2)    Reduced stress levels

dogs lower our stress level

If someone told you that their blood pressure was under control because they petted their pooch more, would you believe them? Well, you have to, because that is the truth. Petting has proved to be beneficial for lowering the blood pressure, especially if you are already on blood pressure medications. In addition, it also pleases your pup thus ending up in a win-win situation for both of you.

Have you ever wondered why dogs like belly rubs? Belly rubs are an extension of petting. If the dog feels comfortable with you, it immediately rolls onto his back and demands a belly rub from you. He feels good with the belly rub, especially when he gets it from someone whom he feels secure and relaxed with.

3)    Regulated moods

dogs improve your mood

You can say good-bye to mood swings if you have a canine. When you spend quality time with your dog, you tend to be much happier and feel less lonely in an otherwise dull life. Since it gives you a sense of belonging and trust, you start taking more control of your life. With more control, your life becomes calm and less stressed. Studies also have shown that when around a puppy, the human body goes through internal physical changes with the secretion levels of Cortisol – a stress hormone reducing and that of Serotonin – a good hormone, increasing.

4)    Increased social bonding

dogs help with social bonding

It would not be a piece of imagination to call a hound owner, a social magnet. Your mutt can help you to connect with other people. Talking to strangers with dogs is seen as an acceptable interaction in the society. Your deep bond with your hound helps you to feel more grounded and empathetic in your relationships. It’s no surprise he can make you a better and a healthier social animal!

Unlike humans, dogs are non-judgmental and express unconditional love without any hidden agenda towards you which boosts your psychological wellbeing and self-esteem. What helps you stay healthier and lead an active life style is not often sold over the counter or available in a supermarket shelf. It is a lively being that sometimes begs you for a treat or runs around you in circles and licks your face. It is called a Dog.

About the Author: Emily is the founder of DesirablePuppy, where she writes blogs about foodstuff as well as best products for dogs and lots of small tips on training dogs that she knows. Moreover, DesirablePuppy is designed to share her passion with dog owners and help to keep you in the clear know about your best friend.


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