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7 Daily Activities that will Keep Fit

Being fit and healthy is not an easy job, most people spend hours working out at the gym and counting every calorie they consume. They say no pain no gain, so you must go out of your comfort zone and exert extra effort to maintain your ideal weight. But did you know that you can stay fit and healthy without enrolling in an expensive gym membership? Just simply do these daily activities to help you burn the extra calories and keep you on your ideal weight.

1. Using stairs

climbing stairs workout

Instead of using the escalator or elevator, why don’t you take the stairs instead? If you want to burn that extra slice of pizza you had for lunch, using the stairs is an ideal way to do that. You burn about 0.17 calories per stair climbed and 0.05 calories per stair descended. Average flight of stairs has 12 steps so you will be able to burn around 2.5 to 5 calories heading up and then back down.

2. Playing on a playground

playground workout

Stop being a couch potato and start living an active lifestyle. Instead of spending hours in front of a television or your mobile phone, head to the nearest playground and play your heart out like a child. You can also incorporate the playground instruments like the swing, seesaw, monkey bars, etc into your workout.

3. Cleaning the house

house cleaning burns calories

Not all of us does this chore with much gusto but if only we know that this task will keep us fit and healthy, we would feel enthusiastic doing this everyday. Mopping the floor, cleaning and scrubbing every corner of the house, doing the laundry and the dishes help you burn some calories. It’s like hitting two birds with one stone, you were able to keep your home sparkly clean, you were also able to shed some pounds off.

4. Washing your car

car washing burns calories

Save yourself some time and money in having your car professionally washed. Get those hose and scrubs and do the cleaning yourself. Rinsing, wiping and scrubbing your car rigorously can help you burn around 250 calories per hour. The cleaner your car gets, the more calories you have burned.

5. Riding bicycle

riding a bike burns calories

Riding a bike is a perfect exercise. It does not only help you burn calories, inhaling fresh air and watching the scenery are also perfect way to fight off stress. If you want to stay fit, riding a bicycle at least 30 minutes every day is ideal. You burn around 90 to 198 calories in just 20 minutes of biking. Live a healthy and fit lifestyle as exercise bikes helps to weight loss.

6. Walking out with your dog

walking a dog burns calories

Dogs need exercise too; you need to walk them out every day for them to be healthy and happy. Walking your dog out every day does not only help the men’s best friend, it also keeps us fit and healthy. Walking is the easiest form of exercise and does not require any tool or equipment.  It does not only improve our fitness level and burn calories, it also helps in reducing belly fat, raise the production of good cholesterol and lower blood pressure.

7. Roughhousing with your kid

playing with kids burns calories

Spending a few hours with a toddler can certainly take most of your energy. On a positive note though, playing with them is a natural and inexpensive way of keeping off those extra calories. No wonder most moms do not need to work out, with their days spent in chasing after their kids, they burn all those extra pounds off.

Final Words

Being and keeping fit is not that hard. You just need to be creative and incorporate an active lifestyle in your day to day life.

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