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July 2017

diet myths

3 Dangerous Diet Myths and Their Healthy Alternatives

There are plenty of reasons to lose weight: to increase confidence, improve overall health, or help decrease the risk of certain medical issues, for example. When it comes to dieting, however, there are safe ways to go about it and…

drinks for weight loss

Top 5 Great Drinks for Weight Loss

When someone thinks of losing weight, they usually think of reducing their diet and doing more exercises. But that is not the way to go about weight loss. Reducing your diet can make your body weak and can also lead…

upper body workout

4 Great Upper Body Workout Routines for Men

Upper body workout routines are important for guys if you want to get the perfect abs. Muscle density is a desire that most men have, but you can only achieve this when you provide the right stimulus. Sculpting a ripped…

supplement ingredients

3 Key Supplement Ingredients to Boost Your Workout

  Fitness enthusiasts, bodybuilders and athletes looking for ways to achieve new fitness goals and enhance the intensity of their exercises may benefit from supplements for workouts. In fact, with the use of a supplement, workout can be enhanced. Here…