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4 Great Upper Body Workout Routines for Men

Upper body workout routines are important for guys if you want to get the perfect abs. Muscle density is a desire that most men have, but you can only achieve this when you provide the right stimulus. Sculpting a ripped six-pack is not easy. You need to particularly work out, targeting the abs. Most guys assume that you only need ab-wheel rollouts or plank holds to make this work, but you might need to put in more effort. You might even need to include some multivitamins in your regime for effective bodybuilding, include things like the perfect wrestling shoes to achieve the perfect results.

Upper body workouts are currently the in thing for a lot of guys. Everyone wants to have that perfect 6 pack that would make girls drool whenever they take their shirts off. There are those guys, then there are also the guys who just want to keep fit and stay in good shape. Whichever of these categories best describes your idea of working out, you need the right equipment to help you maximize the gains you make through these routines.

The following are some of the best workout routines that will help you get that thick upper body you desire:

1 Kettlebell Renegade Row

The kettlebell renegade row targets more than just your upper body; it is also one of the best exercises for muscle building cardio. It helps you burn calories fast, and makes your core stronger.

How to do it

  • Have two kettlebells shoulder length apart
  • Set up in a push-up stance, keeping your feet wide, and your hands compact on the handles
  • Initiate a push-up
  • At the top of each push-up, row one of the kettlebells, setting it down.
  • Do the same for the other side, counting this as a single rep

2 Bottoms Up Kettlebell Press

This routine requires you to be keen so you can get it right. You must hold the kettlebell by the handles in an inverted position. Make sure you have the weighted section above your hands. For this routine, stability and coordination are mandatory.

How to do it

  • Starting with the hand by your shoulder, hold the weighted part of the kettlebell up above your hand
  • Squeeze your glutes, and the handle very hard, then lift the weight above your head
  • As you lift it up, push yourself into the ground, instead of pushing the kettlebell up

3 Landmine Press (Half-Kneeling)

This is an ideal routine especially if you are having issues with your shoulder since you do not necessarily need a direct overhead press. The barbell is set in a landmine, with the bar acting as the lever, hence moving in an arc.

Since you will be down on one knee, your core activity increases because this routine makes you unstable, so you will be strengthening your core in an attempt to provide stability for your body. Assuming you do not own a landmine, affix one end of the barbell into a corner and you will be good to go.

How to do it

  • Go down on one knee.
  • Hold one end of the barbell with the side whose knee is one the ground
  • While keeping the rest of the body as tight as you can, squeeze the trailing glute and push overhead

4 Single Leg Single Arm Cable Row

This is considered one of the easiest routines to strengthen your core. You will have to stand on one leg, which also acts as the support base for the rest of your body. It strengthens your core because you need the core to firm up and keep the body stable, thereby transferring force from the single standing leg to the upper body.

How to do it

  • Have a cable handle set to the height of your chest.
  • Hold the cable handle and lift your leg on the side holding the cable handle (If your left arm is pulling, your right leg should be down)
  • Squeeze the shoulder blades

NOTE: While performing this routine, try so hard not to twist or bend forward

Things like the right attire, wrestling shoes and so forth, should be a part of your arsenal if you really want to succeed with this. You also should look into other stuff like shadow boxing, or add a speed bag into your routine. It will not be long before you start seeing the results you have been yearning for. Besides, when you do this, you are not just working out the upper body, but you are actually getting impressive gains for the rest of your body.

Essentially, you need around 25 reps for the total number of routine exercise reps for effective strength and muscle building. These reps will help you get the most out of your routine, and if you are using the right wrestling shoes for bodybuilding and incorporating techniques like speed bag training, the gains will certainly add up over time.

tom-rohillaAbout the author: Tom Rohilla is the founder of Sharpen Body, a website providing free workout and healthy tips. He was professional kick-boxing athlete for 5 years and he is an expert trainer in a kickboxing fitness center now. Check out sharpenbody.com to learn more about Tom Rohilla and his works

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