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Top 5 Great Drinks for Weight Loss

When someone thinks of losing weight, they usually think of reducing their diet and doing more exercises. But that is not the way to go about weight loss. Reducing your diet can make your body weak and can also lead to many health problems. When you decide that you need to lose some weight, instead of just eating less, ask a doctor or a physical trainer to make you a diet plan.

There are many high-calorie drinks available in the market masquerading as healthy beverages, but there are some healthy drinks like raw honey and green tea also available that can help you in weight loss. When you are trying to make a weight loss plan, don’t forget the amount of liquid you take during the day.

If you make a diet plan and exercise regularly but don’t regulate what you drink and how much you drink, it can inhibit your weight loss plans. We will discuss such drinks in this article.

So without any further delay, let me tell you about the Top 5 great drinks for weight loss.

1 Lemon Water and Raw Honey

Lemon water and raw honey
Lemon and raw honey are an excellent way to reduce fat and lose some weight. Honey can help you in reducing weight and cholesterol levels both. Honey collects the extra fat in the body, and then the body uses it as a source of energy to perform its functions. It also results in purifying the blood.

Lemon juice is alkaline in nature and acts as a natural fat-cutter. Lemon and raw honeys are an excellent combination to help you reduce weight without making you loses your appetite or reducing your energy levels.

Take one teaspoon of raw honey and two teaspoons of lemon juice and mix them both in a glass of mildly warm water. Try to drink this natural weight loss cure in the morning on an empty stomach for maximum benefit. Along with regular exercise and a proper diet, this combination will help you reduce weight faster. These natural cures are not just a weight loss drink but also an effective digestive and detox drink.

2 Green Tea

herbal tea benefits
It has been said that green tea is the healthiest drink on Earth. Whether it is true or not is still up for debate but we all can agree on is that it is one of the best weight loss beverage there is. Green tea contains a lot of antioxidants and other substances that can help us remain healthy and fit. It can also increase our metabolism and thus burn fat faster, resulting in weight loss.

Green tea is made of tea leaves containing bioactive substances that dissolve in the water. These bioactive substances include antioxidants and caffeine. There is a small amount of caffeine in a cup of green tea as compared to a cup of coffee but still enough to have an effect. Caffeine is fat burning stimulant and also improves performance during exercises and other activities.

But it is still nothing compared to some antioxidants, especially catechins, present in the green tea. The caffeine and these antioxidants boost the metabolism. The boosted metabolism burns the fat present in the body and helps in reducing weight. Make sure to exercise daily if you are drinking Green tea.

3 Aloe Vera Detox

Aloe Vera Detox
I’m sure that all of you are familiar with the amazing healing powers of Aloe Vera. But I’m also sure that not many of you know that it can also be used to reduce weight.

Aloe Vera contains 75 different types of active vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, salicylic acids, carbohydrates, and phytochemicals, which can help you in losing weight naturally. There are natural antioxidants present in Aloe Vera that are responsible for reducing the free radicals in the body.

Take two tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice and mix it in a glass of water. To reduce weight drinks at least one glass of this mixture daily. It will increase your metabolism and convert the carbohydrates and fat into energy.

It also helps in the production of collagen protein in the body, which requires a lot of energy to assimilate. Collagen promotes muscle development and also speeds up the metabolism of the body. There are also large amounts of vitamin A, B1, B2, B6, C, and E, folic acid, and niacin present in Aloe Vera, which burn a lot of calories and reduce fat.

Aloe Vera juice doesn’t just help you reduce weight; it also promotes slow sugar absorption, which helps in managing diabetes and blood sugar level.

4 Water

drinking water
I don’t think I need to tell any of you how important water is to our bodies. A human body cannot survive more than 72 hours without water. Consuming less amount of water can have bad effects on the body. Whereas drinking lots and lots of water every day can help you reduce weight.

Water doesn’t contain any calories, so there is no chance of drinking it in large amounts making you fat. What more, it can also fill you up. If you drink one glass of water before a meal, you will eat less.

Cold water, especially ice water can boost your metabolism, making you burn more calories. Drinking two glasses of iced water in the morning daily can increase the metabolism by 30%.

Drinking large amounts of water daily also keeps you hydrated, maintains the energy in your body and helps you in improving concentration.

5 Black Coffee

black coffee
We all love a cup of coffee in the morning. But did you know that drinking a cup of black coffee daily instead of the normal coffee could help you reduce weight? A cup of black coffee every day in the morning suppresses your hunger but boosts your metabolism by stimulating thermogenesis.

Black coffee contains antioxidants that can help boost metabolism, reduce the risk of cancer, diabetes and heart diseases. Caffeine is present in large amounts in the black coffee, which also increases the metabolic rate of the body.

Though you should be careful and limit yourself to at most 3 cups of black coffee per day as caffeine taken in large amounts can also have bad effects on the health. There should also be very less amount of sugar present in the coffee it any at all.

Pro-Tips to Lose Weight

I’ve already told you about the beverages that can help you lose weight. Now, let me tell you some tricks, which will help you in losing weight even faster.

  • Drink a glass of water before a meal. It fills you up, and you are likely to eat less. It also boosts metabolism so that you will burn more calories as well.
  • Eat protein rich food for breakfast like eggs. It will lower your appetite for the whole day, and you are likely to eat less but burn more calories.
  • Try to cook your food with extra virgin coconut oil. It will reduce your appetite but increase your metabolism.
  • Try to lower your sugar consumption. It is one of the biggest factors in helping you gain weight.

Final Words

These are just some of the beverages present in the market that can help you in weight loss and keep you healthy. They are much more. But you should be careful about what you drink. Be careful when you start your weight loss plan and make sure to take advice from a professional. You can start using the tricks I told you about weight loss in this article right away if you want to lose weight. They will not have any side effects. You should also increase the amount of water you daily. It will not only help you in losing weight but will also keep you healthy.

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