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Leg and Ab Workout

Today we are bringing the focus back on legs, but this time, coupled with the abdominal muscles. The second exercise is the more difficult of the two, but practice always triumphs…for sure. Do the following two circuits with no rest,…

Core Synergistic Supersets

Three quick ones for today. Make sure you repeat the entire routine four times. Here they are: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Nail Biter w/ Backpack 2. Bench Jumping Jacks 3. Wall Plank

Total Body Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Shuffle Sprint 2. Stability Ball Jack Knife w/ Double Pushups 3. Vertical Jump Squats 4. Stability Ball Plank

BackPack Workout

I’m using a 30-pound backpack in today’s routine. Go easy at first, (say 10 to 15 pounds to begin with), and increase the weight in the bag with more practice down the road. See you next time. WORKOUT DETAILS 1.…

Advanced Leg Workout – Aerobic Combo

Superset workout – This is an extension to the series of advanced leg workouts I’ve posted in the past; do this one 3 times with 30 sec break in between 2 sets. WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Half Back No break 2.…

Advanced Leg Workout

Tonight’s routines will focus on your leg muscles – Note that some of these exercises are not for beginners; however practice is the KEY. WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Leg Warm Up 2. One Leg Squat 3. One Leg Curl on Stability…

Stationary Workout 101

Stationary workout is very effective to building your core synergistics muscles helping to strengthen and stabilize your body and prevent back pain or injuries later in life. Practice the following exercises and include them in your daily routines to see…

Treadmill Insanity Workout

Tonight, I will be showing you some tricky treadmill routines that you have probably never seen. These routines are designed to target specific muscles within your core synergistics as well as legs and thighs. Follow me on the floor and…

Stationary Cardio Superset

Stationary cardio supersets are great alternatives to running on a treadmill or outside at a “constant speed” (more on constant speed in upcoming videos). Today’s routine is a full body workout cardio that consists of alternating between mountain climbers and…

Pushup Variations – Part IV

We’ve been through 21 different pushups already. Today you’ll see four additional pushups to add to your collection of workout routines. Follow me on the workout floor for these exercises: WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Sphynx Pushup 2. Prison Cell Pushup 3.…

Core Synergistics Superset Workout

The Core Synergistics workout is designed to strengthen the core muscles of your body. Your “core” includes all of the muscles along the trunk of your body. This means that your abs and back are part of the core. This…

Superset Ab Workout

The focus tonight is on core ab muscles. Do superset A+B with ZERO rest in between the two sets; then take a 30 sec break before moving to the next superset. See you on the workout floor with the following…

Superset Full Body Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS Stability Ball Warm up Stretch —— 1.A Standing Alternating Bent Over Row 1.B Prone Pull Ins on Ball 2.A Bodyweight Lateral Lunge 2.B Triceps Bench Dip 3.A Overhead Squat with Ball 3.B Extended Leg Ball Crunch

Pushup Variations – Part III

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Cross Touch Pushup 2. Wide Pushup 3. Lower Body Elevated Pushup 4. Lower Body Elevated Pushup with Leg Raise 5. Upper Body Elevated Pushup 6. Pushup Jacks 7. Floor Flys

Pushup Variations – Part II

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Muay Thai Pushup 2. Hindu Pushup 3. Leg Raise Pushup 4. Staggered Pushup 5. Alligator Pushup 6. Close Grip Pushup 7. Treadmill X Pushup

Pushup Variations – Part I

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Regular Pushup 2. Crossover Pushup 3. T Pushup 4. One Arm Pushup 5. Explosive Front Clap Pushup 6. Spiderman Pushup 7. Grasshopper Pushup

High Intensity Cardio – Part II

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. High Kicks 2. Power Jacks 3. power Knees 4. Power Jumps 5. Burpees 6. Pushup Jacks 7. Push-Thru Crunch 8. Plank Oblique Jumps

High Intensity Cardio

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Plyo Squat 2. Explosive Pushups 3. X – Crunch 4. Squat Pushups Combo 5. Side Plank Crunch 6. Split Squat

Superset Fat Burning Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS 1A. Plank Pushup Combo 1B. High Knee Drill 2A. Renegade Row 2B. Triceps Press 3A. Bear Crawl 3B. Modified Squat

Treadmill Superset Fat Burning Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS 1. Walking Lunges 2. Skateboard Lunges 3. Side Squats 4. Step-Up Side Squats 5. Upside-Down Mountain Climbers 6. Reverse Standard Mountain Climbers 7. Reverse Upside-Down Mountain Climbers 8. Plyo Squats 9. Hand Walk on Incline 10. Crab Walk…

Superset Workout

WORKOUT DETAILS 1A. Dumbbell Curl Walk 1B. Triceps Crunch Walk 2A. Shuffle Pushups 2B. Side Plank with Arm and Leg Raise

Superset Workout – Aerobic Combinations

Supersets, combined with aerobic exercises, are very powerful ways of shedding excess body fat. In this video, you will see treadmill routines in alternation with floor workouts. The key to fat burning is to shock the body through different combinations…

Superset Workout – Fat Burning Routine

Superset workouts are keys to achieving extreme fat burning results. If you spend more than 30 min in the Gym everyday you are doing something wrong. Watch my superset workout routines. In the weeks to come, I will have beginners…

Superset Workout Routines

Supersets consist of workout you perform back to back without any break between 2 consecutive series; once 2 supersets are performed (A+B), you take a 60 sec break and repeat again for a total of 3 times. Supersets shock the…